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Outboard Propeller Help

Help On Outboard Propellers

Looking for answers for how to get the most out of your outboard/sterndrive propeller? Then look no further. The experts here at Deep Blue Yacht Supply have compiled the questions that have been asked the most, and we provided the answers.

Outboard Boat Propeller Help
Inboard Propeller Help

Help On Inboard Propellers

Inboard Propellers need to be dead on in terms of sizing before the propeller is even put on the boat, otherwise you'll end up with an oversized paperweight. Luckily we have come up with some question and answers you can review before selecting a new propeller.

Inboard Propeller Help
Shaft Seal Help

Help On Shaft Seals

Are you wondering why you should make the switch to a shaft seal? Do you want to know the benefits on installing a PSS Shaft Seal on your boat, and just how easy it is? Well, we tried to diagram as best we could what a shaft seal, and how it can help you.

Shaft Seal Help
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