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Two Popular Hung Shen Inboard Propellers

Available since the 1970s, Hung Shen propellers reflect sound design and manufacturing principles that allow them to meet the needs of boating enthusiasts.  Although Hung Shen props are available in several different lines, each of which is designed for specific uses, the most widely used series are the EP-4B and EP-3B lines.

The EP-4B

This line of inboard propellers from Hung Shen features four precisely engineered blades and is manufactured from either bronze or nibral.  Designed to provide ideal efficiency, the propeller offers boating enthusiasts a high level of durability.  This is due to its thick leading edge, which makes the blades sturdy and resistant to chipping and other damage.

This propeller is a favorite among several different classes of boaters, including owners of crafts designed for general pleasure boating uses and pilot boats; police launchers also use the EP-4B inboard propeller.  With four blades, vibration is considerably reduced.  This is one factor in the popularity of this inboard propeller.

The EP-3B

This propeller features three blades and is best used in boats whose typical speeds do not exceed 25 knots.  At these speeds, the EP-3B experiences high efficiency.  Like the EP-4B series of Hung Shen propellers, it features a thick leading edge that tends to be resistant to damage.

Available only in bronze, the EP-3B can be obtained in diameters ranging from 17 to 20 inches.  The various sizes weigh between 20 and 24 pounds.  While these specifications may suit your needs perfectly, there are more choices available in the EP-4B line.

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