Spotlight - Michigan Wheel Apollo Propellers

A three- or four-blade Apollo propeller can be one of the best choices for a replacement or spare prop on a private boat. A recreational boat that sees infrequent use typically uses a three-blade propeller like the B or D series of the Apollo technology. These are best for top-speed runs and 'hole shot' that gives acceleration. A larger boat or a boat that has heavier cargo, such as bass boats or high performance hulls, a four-blade prop tends to be a better option, as they have less steering torque and vibration that causes problems navigating at higher speed.

While most boats tend to come out of the factory equipped with aluminum, due to the lower cost, Apollo propeller designs are all manufactured with stainless steel. While this is more costly, it also has a longer shelf life and gives stronger performance than an aluminum prop. Both can last many years with minimal maintenance, but over the long term a stainless steel propeller will outperform an aluminum choice. All Apollo XHS models are stainless steel that can be taken through any condition on the open ocean. A propeller made from Die-Cast usually cannot be repaired at all, given that it is too brittle -- a steel replacement is far superior. There are no advantages to plastic propellers, and a steel unit greatly outperforms these models.

Michigan Wheel Apollo

All Apollo propeller models have rubber cushions. This does not prevent damage to the blade, but rather protects internal parts by reducing the force of propellers impacts. This keeps the drive pins from breaking or shearing off during the shock exerted from shifting gears. The XHS Hub system on all Apollo units make them interchangeable with Mercury Flo-Torq systems, so that they can be put in and out as an owner desires to adjust performance or do repairs. They function for the majority of sterndrive and outboard applications, with sizes ranging from thirty to seventy horsepower and V6 or V8 engines. The large diameter propellers on the D series can service even larger engines. Their quality build and blade array design make them a quality choice for any boat owner.

Deep Blue Yacht Supply carries the entire series of Michigan Wheel Apollo stainless steel boat props, and is able to ship them world-wide.