Learn about Conquest Propellers

In an era when so much of the global logistics chain is clogged with apparently-nice-looking but quite inferior items, many people have become quite leery about buying replacement parts from just about anybody at all. No matter what name is on the packaging, the contents always seem to come from some place not particularly legendary with regard to their quality control reputation. While it is quite appealing to the manufacturers, the idea of buying two of everything because you'll need a spare on hand when the first one cracks up is less well-received among the people who simply want their equipment to work flawlessly-- as it should.

That is where VEEM's new Conquest line of replacement marine propellers comes into play. Backed by one of the most respected names in the industry, Conquest propellers are designed as drop-in replacements for whatever prop you currently have on the end of the shaft. In fact, they are designed to such high standards of quality and CNC-controlled precision machining that they are actually an improvement rather than a replacement.

These propellers are designed and built in Australia and available off the shelf from a worldwide network of global partners. Of course, there are those occasional instances when local parts inventories are exhausted and the customer requires service as rapidly as possible. In those rare situations, a freshly-manufactured Conquest propeller can be air freighted worldwide within seven days.

Conquest Inboard Boat Propellers

These are not just "make-do" items that allow you to limp back to your home port where you can fix the problem properly. These propellers are the high-quality solution that will address your needs once and for all. You won't need to buy a real propeller once you're home. You won't need to carry along a spare just in case. You won't need to keep the revolutions down for fear of rattling loose the badly-balanced emergency repair job. You can put on a new Conquest prop and be done with it.

Due to their superior performance, these props are not just a quick and easy replacement for damaged props. There is nothing wrong with installing one of our new Conquest propellers during your next overhaul. You will notice the difference.

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