About Evinrude engines and replacement propellers

There is no doubt spending some time outdoors can greatly improve your health and performance at work. If you love engaging in water-based activities, an Evinrude outboard engine is the perfect companion. The manufacturers believe new technological innovations will provide you with a reliable powerhouse. Some of the new technologies Evinrude E-TEC outboard users will experience include an advanced fuel injector. This new injector does not use traditional solenoid type features. Instead, the design makes use of small electronic parts which can be activated with less operating current. In addition, engine durability is enhanced since operating temperatures are lower.  Deep Blue Yacht Supply carries the entire line of SOLAS and Michigan Wheel replacement propellers for all Evinrude outboard engines.  The SOLAS and Michigan Wheel replacement propellers will increase the performance of your Evinrude outboard motor.

The best for 2-stroke and 4-stroke users

There are as many two stroke enthusiasts as there are four stroke technology lovers. This is why Evinrude outboard engine technology is the mainstay of both categories. Even if you swear by four stroke technology, the raw power, throttle response, and acceleration will win you over. If you love green technologies, the direct injection produces up to 10 times less carbon monoxide emissions. You do not have to worry about weight as that aspect has been taken care of depending on model. The 75/90 models are equipped with 20 inch and 25 inch shafts. Each model weighs 320 pounds and 335 pounds respectively. Models in the 40/50/60 group weigh 240 pounds with a 20 inch shaft version. Models in the 200 through 250 groups weigh 516 pounds, 524 pounds, and 530 pounds. The shaft versions run from 20 inches, 25 inches, to 30 inches.

Evinrude Propeller Guide

Other Features

Evinrude outboard engine users will be pleased to know there is a wide range of technological advancements. The engine pistons have been made using a new alloy that is three times stronger than aluminum alloy pistons. Smart internal design that does not require piston port Windows has improved piston durability. The engine management module (EMM) is made up of PC boards that are 30 percent thicker. To ensure optimum performance, component cooling features have been incorporated. It is easier even for novices to troubleshoot simple problems by using diagnostic LED’s. A lot of thought and engineering ingenuity has gone into making the engines as quiet as possible. To achieve this goal, the air intake system has been redesigned to reduce engine noise. You will never hear the notorious whistle sound produced by engines in idle mode. This is because engineers have done away with holes usually machined into the throttle plates.

High Output Engines

If you have been waiting for high-output options, Evinrude outboard engines provide this and more. These engines have been engineered to perform without worrying about constant maintenance issues. You do not have to make any changes or inspections for a period of three years. This is made possible by the use of fewer parts. For example, there are no camshafts and valves to tinker around with and replace. The advanced iridium sparkplugs can last for up to 300 hours meaning you save a lot of money. Even during storage, the engine automatically fogs itself to ensure corrosion never takes place. All of this painstaking attention to detail has been done to make sure breakdowns are a thing of the past.  Reach out to the experts at Deep Blue Yacht Supply if you have any questions on Evinrude replacement propellers.