SOLAS boat props are an excellent brand of propellers

Manufacturing and selling propellers is a niche market, but that does not mean that there is no huge demand for quality, well-made products among companies in the maritime industry. Solas Propellers is one of the most respected names when it comes to making and selling equipment, while the company's headquarters is also home to an extensive research and development unit which aim to constantly improve the products they sell; making them stronger, lighter, more versatile and, of course, better value for the customer.  Deep Blue Yacht Supply is the industry leader when it comes to supplying SOLAS propellers to boaters across the World.  You will find the absolute lowest prices on all SOLAS boat props at Deep Blue Yacht Supply.  All SOLAS boat propellers are able to be shipped across the World.  Buy your SOLAS aluminum or stainless boat propeller today and save.

SOLAS boat propeller

Based in Taiwan, the firm was established in the mid 1980s by Dr. Solas Y. J. Lin and now manufactures and sells an extensive range of both propellers and impellers, as well as outboard motors, for small, pleasure craft. The company's philosophy has always been to use their technical know-how and commitment to customer service to improve their clients' experiences – not just when it comes to buying maritime equipment, but when they are out on their Solas Propellers-powered boats.

The staff at Solas Propellers is also committed to improving their products wherever possible, working with industry specialists and even academic researchers to find ways to improve the performance of their propellers and motors. The company's recently established research and development unit has been set up in its own wing of Solas' headquarters, an area fitted with all the advanced technology gadgets needed for manufacturing and testing new products thoroughly, before they go on sale to the public. This determination to always produce the best available propellers on the market means that Solas Propellers is one of the best known names in the world for maritime propulsion systems.

Selling both aluminium and stainless steel propellers, as well as Ski props and a range of plastic propellers, the expert staff at Solas Propellers are trained to be able to offer the best advice to potential customers, whether they are the owners of a particular boat or a manufacturing company looking to buy in bulk for the vessels they are building. Whatever your maritime propulsion needs, Solas will have the product and the knowledge to help you with your query.

Solas Propellers has stockists all over the world, from Asia to America and across the whole of Europe. Even those clients who happen to live far from a Solas supplier can always order their product online. And when you buy a Solas propeller, the company continues to offer each and every customer excellent technical support for any problems or faults which may develop.