ACME boat props at Deep Blue Yacht Supply

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Deep Blue Yacht Supply is the industry leader when it comes to supplying Acme Boat Props to boaters across the world.  You will find the lowest prices on all 3 and 4 blade ACME wake props.  If you are within the United States, you will also receive free complimentary shipping on all ACME boat propellers.  Order your ACME propeller today from Deep Blue Yacht Supply and save big.  If you don't know which ACME boat propeller to go with or need help choosing the perfect ACME boat prop, use our legendary ski wake propeller guide.

The way your boat rides the waves on lakes or the sea depends on the quality, reliability, and performance of your propeller. Acme boat propellers, all consistently manufactured to correct and accurate specifications, are made only in the United States. Since 1996, Acme has manufactured their inboard propellers with metals of absolutely the finest grades and manufactured them to military specifications. These two factors combine to produce excellent three or four blade products with zero to very few defects or customer returns. Your Acme boat propeller comes completely ready for installation with no adjustments required.

Quality and precision in manufacturing is provided by the Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) process Acme uses, which produces propellers with the correct cup, pitch, and diameter for each engineered design. Their CNC milling machinery provides extremely precise means for removing metal. By eliminating the need for hand-finishing, Acme boat propellers eliminate one possible variable on a boat's performance. The manufacturers can “dial-in” and change any or all elements in increments. In this manner, Acme develops the perfect propeller for any particular model and make of boat. Because they are precision machined and well engineered, their propellers are consistently smooth in their performance on the water and very efficient.

Acme boat propellers are produced for use with water ski and wake board water crafts as well as for pleasure boats, sport fishing boats, and cruisers. These props can come in up to 48 inches in diameter and there are hundreds of sizes in stock. The company also produces surface piercing propellers made to withstand the heavy demands of boating at high speeds. Reinforced blade sections are provided to withstand high impact forces. These props are tough and durable. Their engineers are well trained and highly knowledgeable about all things pertaining to marine propulsion. They can also design a propeller for any requirement or application you have.

The company also offers spare props for sale and their special Weekend Saver repair kits. These kits come in two different types. One is the Traditional, which contains a traditional C clamp puller, cotter pin, nylock nut, key, wrench, pliers and heavy duty carrying case. The Harmonic Puller Kit contains a harmonic puller, nylock nut, key, pliers, wrench, cotter pin, hammer, and heavy duty bag for a space prop. These kits are very handy for quick repairs that will see you on your way instead of ruining your day's boating opportunity.

Repairs can be handles locally if your facility has the right pitch blocks that are made for Acme props or the appropriate scanning devices. You may also call Acme on their toll free number to receive a return number and return address and the company will make needed repairs for you. Enjoy excellent boating opportunities with the use of an Acme boat propeller that is well designed and accurately constructed to work with consistency and excellence.

Order your ACME boat propeller from Deep Blue Yacht supply today and save big.