The Advantages That Mercury Propellers Provide

Looking to boost your boat's performance? There's a lot you can do, but upgrading your propeller is one of the best ways to breathe new life into your boat.

When searching for boat propellers, you'll notice a handful of different types and brands. But what type of prop is best?

It's hard to find a better option than a Mercury propeller. And no, these boat propellers aren't made of mercury. Mercury Marine has been the top boat engine and propeller manufacturer for 75 years and is the most trusted name in the boat propulsion space.

Wondering why you should consider a Mercury prop for your vessel? Keep reading to see why it's exactly what your boat needs.

Who Is Mercury Marine?

Mercury Marine began in the Midwest in the early 1900s. Since then, they have become the world's largest manufacturer of boat propellers and engines.

They've revolutionized the design and efficiency of both props and motors constantly over the last decades. So it's no wonder why their equipment is the most trusted on the water.

Mercury propellers are used in every type of boat, from salt and fresh water fishing to racing or watersports, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for a new outboard propeller or a sterndrive propeller, Mercury was one for you.

Choosing a Mercury Propeller

Mercury understands the best way to increase a boat's performance is ensuring the right fit of your propeller, and the highest quality design and materials. Your first step in choosing a Mercury prop is using our boat prop selector tool, which takes into account the make, model, and horsepower of your current engine.

With the use of stronger, custom-made metals, and innovative prop design, Mercury props can take whatever boat you have to the next level. Here are the most common types of Mercury propellers.

Sport Series

Looking for reliability when fishing, island hopping, or pushing out to deeper waters? The Sport Series will get your boat up to speed faster so you can spend less time getting there and more time enjoying your destination.

The three and four-blade props in the Sport Series are a favorite among fresh and saltwater fisherman, particularly those with deep V and bass boats.

Elite Series

Need higher performance to power through rough conditions or propel a bigger boat? Elite Series propellers offer the functionality you need for better control out on the water. Larger, diesel-power boats can benefit from the Bravo Three Diesel six-blade propeller.

Comp Series

Looking for the fastest propellers you can get your hands on? The Comp Series from Mercury offers racing boats the speed and performance they need to beat out the competition.

These props can handle the highest horsepower you can throw at them. Whether you are maneuvering a tournament fishing boat or racing at top speed, you'll need one of these propellers pushing you forward.

Mercury Racing

Mercury Racing is a complete lineup of products for the dedicated boat racer and adrenaline junkie. The attention to detail put into these propellers provides the absolute maximum when it comes to speed, performance, and handling at top speed.

These top-of-the-line propellers are crafted by hand. They achieve a perfect balance, eliminating vibration. This gives you consistent RPM across the board.

Mercury Marine's Custom Metal Manufacturing

It's easy for companies, large and small, to outsource the production of raw materials such as metals and alloys. However, Mercury desired optimized performance for their propellers.

This meant taking the hard way of producing their own metal allows. These metals need to remain durable and dependable during years of use in the harsh conditions of marine environments

This led Mercury to produce their own aluminum, right here in the US. It contains far less copper than aluminum produced by other companies. This provides a much more corrosion-resistant material for extended use in the water.

They also use their own formula for steel. The resulting stainless steel propellers are far stronger and more durable than traditional stainless steel. This allows for a thinner propeller to be used, creating a faster, more enjoyable boating experience.

Their custom steel blends also resist corrosion more effectively in saltwater than traditional steel propellers can. This means a longer-lasting propeller to power ongoing adventure.

Mercury Company Values

Wondering if you can rely on Mercury propellers? Well, considering that the US Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security rely on Mercury propellers, it's fair to say that you can too.

That's right, Mercury makes such good products that they produce tons of equipment used by various government agencies.

On top of producing products that serve our nation, Mercury also works to protect the environment, as they understand that sustainability is vital if we are to have waterways to enjoy.

This is implemented in the design and manufacturing process. But it's also seen in the areas where products are produced and used. For example, Mercury has been able to drastically decrease energy consumption, even during times of increased production.

They have also slashed their waste production in half as well as reduced their overall emissions as a company. As a big business, it's difficult to make large-scale changes in order to prioritize the environment. But as a manufacturer of boating equipment, they understand that their success is dependent on the success and protection of lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Mercury Propeller for Sale

Don't let your propeller be an afterthought. Even if you have the best engine in the world, it won't give you the performance you desire without the right-fitting, highest-quality propeller.

It's the foundation of your boat moving forward, and it's not a part to skimp on. Looking for a Mercury propeller?

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