Boat Props - To repair or replace

Monday, July 17, 2017

Many people make mistakes when they are purchasing a replacement boat propeller. Sometimes buyers spend more money than they anticipated. Buying the wrong propeller for the boat is also a common mistake. These issues can be avoided by knowing what to look for in a propeller and finding out where to go for repairs.

Firstly, it is important that all boat owners have a spare propeller on board. This will save them a lot of hassle if their propeller fails while they are out at sea. Ideally, boat owners will also have the necessary tools on the boat to install their back-up propeller.

The most common problem with outboard propellers is that the center hub can give way. When this happens, the boat will lose its thrust. If the propeller has no other problems, boat owners should consider getting it repaired. Getting a replacement hub costs around $50. This is much cheaper than buying a new propeller.

If the blades of the propeller are bent, they can be reconditioned at a fraction of the price of buying a new propeller. However, if the blades are very bent, replacement may be a good idea. If there is more than a third of the blade missing, boat owners are generally better off buying a replacement product.

old boat propellers

After some time, propellers will get corroded and/or experience electrolysis damage. As this damage cannot be repaired, consumers will need to get a new propeller. If left alone, the damage will eventually ruin the prop.

Boat owners who are unsure of whether or not to repair their propeller should go to their local prop shop. The staff at the shop will be able to tell the consumer how much repairs will cost. This information will allow consumers to determine whether or not it is wise to buy a new prop. While many people will be able to get away with a quick repair job, some damage will be too severe to fix. In this situation, boat owners will have no choice but to buy a new prop. Buyers should ensure that their new prop is a good choice for their boat.

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