Shaft Zinc Anodes

Zimar Shaft Zinc Anodes set the standard when it comes to cathodic protection. Zimar Shaft Zinc Anodes meet all standards set forth by Mil-Spec A-18001K, Mil-Spec A-18001A, and Mil-Spec A-18001. Zimar propeller shaft zinc anodes are individually hand poured to assure the highest possible zinc concentration and lowest amount of porosity.

Trust Deep Blue Yacht Supply to help equip your boat with the best possible shaft zinc anodes. Deep Blue Yacht Supply is able to provide the ultimate sales and service experience, when it comes to selecting the best shaft zinc anodes to protect your investment against corrosion. Deep Blue Yacht Supply has a huge inventory of standard and metric shaft zinc anodes, and can ship them worldwide.

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Product(s)Shaft SizeZinc WeightPrice 
X-1 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 3/4" diameterX-1 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 3/4" diameter3/4 inch1.3 lbs
X-2 Shaft Zinc 7/8" diameterPicture of X-2 Shaft Zinc  7/8" diameter7/8 inch1.2 lbs
X-3 Shaft Zinc 1" DiameterPicture of X-3 Shaft Zinc  1" Diameter1 inch1.1 lbs
X-4 Shaft Zinc 1-1/8" DiameterPicture of X-4 Shaft Zinc  1-1/8" Diameter1-1/8 inch1.1 lbs
X-5 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 1-1/4" DiameterPicture of X-5 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 1-1/4" Diameter1-1/4 inch1.2 lbs
X-6 Shaft Zinc 1-3/8" DiameterPicture of X-6 Shaft Zinc  1-3/8" Diameter1-3/8 inch1.3 lbs
X-7 Shaft Zinc 1-1/2" DiameterX-7 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 1-1/2"1-1/2 inch2.1 lbs
X-8 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 1-3/4" DiameterX-8 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 1-3/4"1-3/4 inch2.8 lbs
X-9 Shaft Zinc 2" DiameterX-9 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 2"2 inch3.6 lbs
X-10 Shaft Zinc 2-1/4" DiameterX-10 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 2-1/4"2-1/4 inch5.2 lbs
X-11 Shaft Zinc 2-1/2" DiameterX-11 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 2-1/2"2-1/2 inch5.8 lbs
X-12 Shaft Zinc 2-3/4" DiameterX-12 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 2-3/4"2-3/4 inch9.1 lbs
X-13 Shaft Zinc 3" DiameterX-13 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 3"3 inch7.9 lbs
X-14 Shaft Zinc 3-1/4" DiameterX-14 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 3-1/4"3-1/4 inch11.2 lbs
X-15 Shaft Zinc 3-1/2" DiameterX-15 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 3-1/2"3-1/2 inch9.8 lbs
X-17 Shaft Zinc 4" DiameterX-17 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 4"4 inch12.1 lbs
X-19 Shaft Zinc 4-1/2" DiameterX-19 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 4-1/2"4-1/2 inch17.4 lbs
X-21 Shaft Zinc 5" DiameterX-21 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 5"5 inch23 lbs
X-23 Shaft Zinc 5-1/2" DiameterPicture of X-23 Shaft Zinc  5-1/2" Diameter5-1/2 inch38 lbs
X-25 Shaft Zinc 6" DiameterPicture of X-25 Shaft Zinc  6" Diameter6 inch32.4 lbs
MX-25 25mm Shaft ZincPicture of MX-25 25mm Shaft Zinc 25 mm1.1 lbs

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