Zinc Anodes and Cathodic Protection

Friday, March 10, 2017

Sea people have depended on anodes for many years as a means to counter metal corrosion. Zinc anodes are among the most popular choices when it comes to protecting the metal materials below them, which are situated lower in the galvanic series of alloys and metals. Since only the anodes are corroding, they are also called sacrificial anodes. They are generally attached to the boat's underwater metal plate, and they also start working at once. Hence, if you have an expensive boat, you are strongly advised to consider installing zinc sacrificial anodes so that the boat metals hanging in water are protected against corroding.

When looking for anodes for sale, make sure you check whether they are up to the MIL-A-18001 standards. These boat zincs are made of 99% zinc, while the rest comprise of a mixture of small quantities of metals like iron, lead, aluminum, lead or copper. It should be also noted that zinc boat anodes are disposable pieces of metal, so that once they are eaten up due to corrosion, they can be disposed off and immediately replaced with new zincs. This way you ensure that the corrosion protection cycle is not discontinued and your vessel is protected at all times, for many years to come.

zimar zincs

While zinc anodes have been the most commonly used for a very long time, aluminum and magnesium anodes have also became quite popular in the recent past. If you want to make sure that you are picking the very best anodes for your particular type of boat, do not hesitate to ask for professional advice from an expert, such as a marine electrician, anode dealer or boat manufacturer. Anodes made of zinc and aluminum however are the best choices for sea water vessels, as they do their job perfectly in salt water.

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