Manufacturer Spotlight - Buck Algonquin

Who is Buck Algonquin?

For 64 years (since 1955), Buck Algonquin has been the marine industry's leader when it comes to top-quality products and the very best in customer service. Through the years, the company has developed an extensive network of relationships with key players in the boating industry. This network includes organizations large and small, from some of the most respected yacht builders in the world to tiny regional and local distributors of marine hardware.

Since 1955, Buck Algonquin's staff has put customer service at the center of their corporate mission, taking time to answer any inquiry and to help solve any dilemma a customer brings up. Even in the rare event that a requested part is not in inventory, the company's engineers are happy to work with customers and foundry workers to create whatever is needed.

Buck Algonquin Deep Blue Yacht Supply

What's On Deck At Their Website?

Because the entire team at Buck Algonquin works hard to meet every customer's needs, find any part requested, and deliver products as quickly as possible, the company's reputation is unsurpassed. Customers are encouraged to ask questions whenever they need more information about a part or when they need help solving a problem.

On the company's website, boating enthusiasts and potential customers will find a wide variety of useful information. There are extensive and detailed product lists, free parts catalogs, an informative page on how to locate local distributors, an interesting link page of recent news stories about the company, and of course a list of ways prospective or current customers can directly contact the Buck Algonquin team.

While browsing the "Products" section of the user-friendly website, people will notice listings that are uncluttered, easy to read, and full of key data about each part. For example, there are sections for deck hardware, drive-train parts, exhaust fittings, plumbing-related fittings, coupling/shafting accessories, steering hardware, thru-hulls, valves, hoses & clamps, strainers, hydraulic fittings, and miscellaneous marine hardware.

For every product, there is an accompanying photograph alongside a brief description of the item's function. Each listing also includes full specs for every item, so shoppers don't ever have to guess about things like size, weights, components, materials, etc.

A Few Free and Helpful Resources

At the Buck Algonquin website, there are a few extremely informative and detailed catalogs available, at no charge, for boating enthusiasts. People can either order hard copies by emailing the company or simply download the PDF files straight from the website. Choose one, two or all three. There's the extensive Buck Algonquin Marine Hardware Catalog, the Arctic Steel catalog, and the AQ22 Marine Rudders booklet.

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