Choosing the correct outboard boat propeller

Choosing the right outboard propellers is very important in order to get the most out of your boat engines. Outboard motors have the potential to be very efficient, reliable, quiet and powerful, but the wrong choice of propeller very often takes away from this potential. As with any other type of product on the market, it is important to buy your boat parts from a reputable supplier that will stand by their products and offer good customer service. It is also highly convenient to be able to buy a wide range of different components from the same source. Deep Blue Yacht Supply is a great choice for buying outboard propellers. They have one of the widest ranges of different makes and models on the planet, and the units they sell can suffice for almost any engine and boat type on the market. Before you buy, it is important to know what type of prop is suitable.

boat prop selection

Choosing an Outboard Prop

You cannot just attach any propeller to any engine and expect good results. On the contrary, choosing the right design is vital for getting the best performance. What is important is the relationship between the propeller, the engine that drives it and the boat it pushes. If there is any incompatibility in terms of design specifications, the performance is likely to suffer. This can result in any number of ailments, from poor speed or acceleration to high fuel consumption or excessive noise levels. It may even be the case that your propeller or motor wears out sooner than you expected. Thankfully, the staff at Deep Blue Yacht Supply has enough experience to be able to recommend the best course of action no matter what the situation. They also have an excellent resource of frequently-asked questions on their website.


Matching the propeller to the rest of the boat is crucial for the best performance. One example of this is that a propeller with too fine a pitch may result in the engine reaching its maximum RPM before the boat reaches its top speed. This means that your motor will be running extremely hard even though you will be lacking in maximum performance. By contrast, an over-coarse propeller pitch may rely too much on torque and thus not allow the motor to reach its full speed. Matching the potential of the boat and the engine is thus very important. A boat that is intended to run only at slow speeds often works best with a finer-pitch propeller, while a high-speed model will want to make the most of its top-end performance.

Miscellaneous Aspects

It is also important to think about the overall design and materials used in outboard propellers. For example, Deep Blue Yacht Supply recommends three-blade propellers for most uses, with four-blade propellers being reserved for high-power and high-performance boats. The material used can also be significant. Most boats typically come with aluminum outboard propellers. These usually work very well, but switching to a steel model can result in vastly increased strength and durability over long periods of time. The material used and its manufacturing method can also influence whether or not it can be easily repaired if it is damaged. Note that specialized uses may sometimes lend themselves to more esoteric propeller specifications. Sometimes a boat dedicated to water skiing will work best with a different propeller than a boat used for another purpose, for example. Deep Blue Yacht Supply can help you to solve these issues and more.


There is nothing more convenient than shopping online, but it is very frustrating to be limited to a particular brand of parts. At Deep Blue Yacht Supply, you can find outboard propellers that can suit just about any purpose you can imagine. Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Honda, Suzuki propellers and more are all available in the same place and can be delivered for good prices in no time at all. When you have this much choice, it is not difficult to find a design that will work perfectly with whatever boat you currently have. You can narrow down your options using the extensive information available on the website, and if you are still unsure, you can avail yourself of the excellent customer service on offer. Have a look today and get your boat running better than it has ever done before.