Standard Cutlass Bearings

Johnson Duramax cutless bearings adapt equally well to strut and sterntube mounts, and are often used efficiently as rudder stock and pintle bushings. Johnson Duramax standard brass cutlass bearings have diameters that are precision fitted to the designated shaft size with the correct clearance for efficient water lubrication. 

External brass shells are machined and polished to provide easy fitting. Johnson Duramax cutless propeller shaft bearings use a specially formulated oil and chemical resistant nitrile rubber is securely bonded to the shell. We are one of the largest distributors of Johnson Duramax cutless marine brass bearings in the world, and can offer the best pricing all on models. 

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Product(s)Shaft SizeOutside DiameterLengthPrice 
CORN BearingCORN Bearing2-1/2 inch3-3/8 inch10 inch
COVE BearingCOVE Bearing2-1/2 inch3-1/2 inch10 inch
CRAB BearingCRAB Bearing2-5/8 inch3-3/8 inch10-1/2 inch
CROW BearingCROW Bearing2-3/4 inch3-3/8 inch11 inch
CUBE BearingCUBE Bearing2-3/4 inch3-1/2 inch11 inch
CURD BearingCURD Bearing2-3/4 inch3-3/4 inch11 inch
CURE BearingCURE Bearing2-7/8 inch3-3/4 inch11-1/2 inch
DANE BearingDANE Bearing3 inch3-3/4 inch12 inch
DARE BearingDARE Bearing3 inch4 inch12 inch
DARK BearingDARK Bearing3-1/8 inch4-1/4 inch12-1/2 inch
DARN BearingDARN Bearing3-1/4 inch4 inch13 inch
DELL BearingDELL Bearing3-1/4 inch4-1/4 inch13 inch
DIKE BearingDIKE Bearing3-3/8 inch4-1/2 inch13-1/2 inch
DINE BearingDINE Bearing3-1/2 inch4-1/4 inch14 inch
DOCK BearingDOCK Bearing3-1/2 inch4-1/2 inch14 inch
DOLE BearingDOLE Bearing3-5/8 inch4-1/2 inch14-1/2 inch
DONE BearingDONE Bearing3-3/4 inch4-1/2 inch15 inch
DOVE BearingDOVE Bearing3-3/4 inch5 inch15 inch
DRAW BearingDRAW Bearing3-3/4 inch5-1/4 inch15 inch
DULL BearingDULL Bearing3-7/8 inch5-1/4 inch15-1/2 inch
EARN BearingEARN Bearing4 inch5 inch16 inch

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