Shaft Nut Zincs

These Zimar nut zinc anodes are precision machined to fit over specific nut configurations and models.

Zimar boat zinc anodes are individually made to assure highest possible zinc concentration and lowest amount of porosity in the zinc market.  Zimar nut zincs meet the standards set forth by Mil-Spec A-18001K, Mil-Spec A-18001A, and Mil-Spec A-18001. Deep Blue is your ultimate source for all boat zincs, including inboard shaft nut zinc anodes.

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Product(s)HeightZinc DiameterManufacturer ReferenceZinc WeightPrice 
AS-45 Nut ZincPicture of AS-45 Nut Zinc 2-7/8 inch2-3/8 inchAzimut1.8 lbs
AS-50 Nut ZincPicture of AS-50 Nut Zinc 3-1/4 inch2-7/8 inchAzimut2.7 lbs
AS-60 Nut ZincPicture of AS-60 Nut Zinc 3-7/8 inch3-1/4 inchAzimut4.3 lbs
AZ-105 Nut ZincPicture of AZ-105 Nut Zinc 3-1/2 inch7-7/8 inchAzimut22 lbs
AZ-68S Nut ZincAZ-68S Zimar Nut Zinc Anode1 inch4-7/8 inchAzimut4.8 lbs
AZ-70 Nut ZincAZ-70 Zimar Nut Zinc Anode1 inch5-1/2 inchAzimut5.8 lbs
BCS Nut ZincPicture of BCS Nut Zinc 2-9/32 inch2-21/32 inchN/A2.1 lbs
BNTT-115BT Nut ZincBNTT-115BT Zimar Nut Zinc Anode3-1/4 inch2-7/8 inchBenetti3.2 lbs
BNTT-115PN Nut ZincPicture of BNTT-115PN Nut Zinc 2 inch6-3/8 inchBenetti14.8 lbs
BNTT-120PN Nut ZincBNTT-120PN Zimar Nut Zinc Anode2-3/4 inch7-1/2 inchBenetti30 lbs
FE-1 Nut ZincFE-1 Zimar Nut Zinc Anode2-9/16 inch1-7/8 inchFerretti1.2 lbs
FE-2 Nut ZincFE-2 Zimar Nut Zinc Anode3-1/2 inch2-5/16 inchFerretti2.5 lbs
FE-80 Nut ZincPicture of FE-80 Nut Zinc 4-5/8 inch6-1/8 inchFerretti26.5 lbs
FE-90 Nut ZincFE-90 Zimar Nut Zinc Anode3-9/16 inch6-1/8 inchFerretti25 lbs
RV-72 Nut ZincPicture of RV-72 Nut Zinc 3-7/8 inch5-1/2 inchRiva18.8 lbs
RV-80 Nut ZincRV-80 Zimar Nut Zinc Anode4 inch6-3/4 inchRiva29.8 lbs
SP-2 Nut ZincPicture of SP-2 Nut Zinc 29/32 inch1-3/4 inchSidepower0.4 lbs
UN-70 Nut ZincUN-70 Zimar Nut Zinc Anode3-7/8 inch5-1/2 inchUniesse15 lbs
VT-1 Nut ZincVT-1 Zimar Nut Zinc Anode1-21/32 inch1-29/32 inchVetus0.7 lbs
VT-2 Nut ZincVT-2 Zimar Nut Zinc Anode1-21/32 inch2-25/64 inchVetus1.1 lbs
W-B Nut ZincW-B Zimar Nut Zinc Anode2-1/16 inch1-11/16 inchWesmar0.6 lbs

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