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I'VE pulled many, many props.. and the Propsmith is absolutely not only better , but the only way to go.. Propsmith makes shortwork out of what otherwise would be a haulout, an all day job, or damage to the well as the fact that it's also a prop "putter"...
Ryan Helmig , Commercial Diver, and Salvage master at Towboat u.s. Palm Beach florida...
Guest | 9/1/2016 7:06 PM
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PropSmith 3.0
Lowest price I could find on the Prop Smith 3.0.   It comes in a really nice travel case and does a fantastic job.

Nicest inboard propeller puller out there. Received it in 2 days.
Guest | 4/23/2017 8:25 PM
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Propsmith prop puller pusher
Here at our boat building facility, we only use Propsmith pullers and provide one to each new boat owner.  The best prop puller on the market for inboard props.
Guest | 9/4/2017 6:21 PM
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