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You know you are getting old when a boat propeller makes your day!
The sales staff at Deep Blue Yacht Supply are fantastic. I was not happy with my Yamaha prop as I believe it was to large and the wrong pitch. I initially ordered the Solas 3553-145-15 and mid stream I was advised by Deep Blue Sea Sales staff that I should probably have ordered the Solas Rubex 9553-145-15 as that prop had a rubber shift dampening hub that was better for my new Yamaha 200 hp motor. I cancelled my first order and had the 9553-145-15 sent to my father-in-law in the state of Washington to bring down to me in Baja. The 9553-145-15 replaced a Yamaha Salt Water Series 15 1/2" diameter by 17 pitch prop. Today was my first time on the water with the new prop. I about #$%#$%^ my pants when my boat had quick and even throttle out of the hole to plane in 5-seconds. Now granted, my RPM's at 30 mph increased by just over 200 rpm's. My WOT rpm also increased by a whopping 800  rpm's. Old prop could not get close to 5000 RPM's. Now, I had two grown men, fat guys, in the boat and the 80 gallon fuel tank was full. I also had a 40 gallon live-well full. I am just tickled to no end how much better my boat preforms with this new prop. I am going to buy another for a spare and ditch the Yamaha Propeller.
    The Solas Rubex 203 Hub kit makes shifting even smother than my Yamaha SDS (Shift Dampening System)propeller.
Respectfully, Dale Hutchins, Happy as all get-out in Baja!
Guest | 6/4/2016 5:02 PM
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