Propsmith Puller

The PropSmith is the only tool that is both a propeller puller and a prop pusher, the PropSmith is the preferred tool of marine professionals for simple, secure installation and removal of inboard propellers, regardless of the number of blades or diameter.

PropSmiths are used and recommended by quality-conscious yacht builders such as Viking, Hatteras, Cabo, Lazzara, Rampage, Spencer, Jarrett Bay, Delta Marine, Palmer Johnson, and all leading propeller manufactures. 

Sizes available to fit propeller shafts from 1¾ to 6½ diameter. Left hand threaded plates and metric sizes available upon request.

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Product(s)Shaft SizePrice 
PropSmith 1.75 Prop Pusher PullerPicture of PropSmith 1.75 Prop Pusher Puller1-3/4 inch
PropSmith 2.00 Prop Pusher PullerPicture of PropSmith 2.00 Prop Pusher Puller2 inch
PropSmith 2.25 Prop Pusher PullerPropSmith 2.25 Prop Pusher Puller2-1/4 inch
PropSmith 2.50 Prop Pusher PullerPropSmith 2.50 Prop Pusher Puller2-1/2 inch
PropSmith 2.75 Prop Pusher PullerPropSmith 2.75 Prop Pusher Puller2-3/4 inch
PropSmith 3.00 Prop Pusher PullerPicture of PropSmith 3.00 Prop Pusher Puller3 inch
PropSmith 3.50 Prop Pusher PullerPropSmith 3.50 Prop Pusher Puller3-1/2 inch
PropSmith 4.00 Prop Pusher PullerPicture of PropSmith 4.00 Prop Pusher Puller4 inch
PropSmith 4.50 Prop Pusher PullerPropSmith 4.50 Prop Pusher Puller4-1/2 inch
PropSmith 5.00 Prop Pusher PullerPicture of PropSmith 5.00 Prop Pusher Puller5 inch