Selecting The Right Outboard Propellers

You may be at odds over what kind of outboard propellers you need as replacements when your old ones give out. There are many options available to you, so you have to keep a few things in mind when you are choosing your outboard propellers. Knowing a little bit about them will help you make a decision and show you the pros and cons of the different kinds of propellers on the market.  Deep Blue Yacht Supply is standing by to assist you in getting the perfect propeller for your outboard.  Check out the propeller guide at Deep Blue to get the perfect outboard prop for you motor.

For instance, you may question whether you need an aluminum propeller or stainless steel propeller. Many boats used for pleasure riding are constructed of aluminum, which is relatively inexpensive and are easy to repair. They can also last a long time under normal conditions. However, stainless steel outboard propellers are more durable and stronger than aluminum. Also, they are more expensive, but you may find it worth the investment if you tend to be a bit hard on your propellers.

outboard prop guide

If you do not have it in the budget to get stainless steel outboard propellers, you may consider sand-cast aluminum since it is a repairable material. This is an especially good replacement if your original propellers are made of die-cast. This brittle material cannot be repaired and it can break off easily when you are trying to straighten it and does not weld properly. You should consider replacing with aluminum when your original propellers are made of die-cast.

You may also want to avoid using plastic propellers. It is important that outboard propellers have a few qualities such as durability and an ability to be repaired. More importantly, the propellers need to be able to perform satisfactorily. Propellers made of plastic tend to fall far below metal propellers in quality. Obviously, it would be difficult to repair plastic if at all possible. Also, there are no indications that it can last longer or outperform metal.

Of course, there are many other considerations you want to make when you are looking at what kind of outboard propellers you need to replace your old ones besides the material out of which it is made. You want to look at how many blades are on a propeller as well as the number of cylinders. These kinds of factors will help you decide upon the best outboard propellers.

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