SOLAS boat props

Monday, August 14, 2017

Located in Taiwan, Solas Propellers was established by Dr. Solas Y. J. Lin in 1985. As a boy in Chaung Hua, Lin became fascinated by the ships passing by in the nearby shipping lanes, and how different designs affected their performance. A growing interest soon turned into a vocation, and he went on to study Naval Architecture at Taiwan University.  Deep Bluey Yacht Supply offers in the entire line of SOLAS propellers, all at the best prices in the marine industry.

Solas Propellers is now one of the most highly acclaimed names in the watercraft propulsion industry, making its reputation on the craftwork and superior design ability of its technical team, plus a sound understanding of its customer base and their needs. The company places a huge emphasis on design, realizing that small gains in performance are rewarded many times over in cost savings, increased sales, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

The management philosophy of the company is a holistic one, based on a positive approach to life and transforming that attitude into the goal of producing superior products and customer service. Solas Propellers maintain a Total Quality Control process, enabling strong quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process, while remaining close to their customers. This process ensures a positive result for all involved in product development, from design and manufacture, through to customers and other industry stakeholders.

It is not surprising that the company name involves a variation of the Latin word for the sun, the source of all energy. The company’s full name is actually Solas Science & Engineering Ltd, so it is to be expected they are at the forefront of design and performance in the propulsion industry. It is not enough for a business to operate with glossy brochures and a state of the art website. The products have to back up the hype with performance and customer satisfaction.

SOLAS Boat props

The company has agencies and dealers throughout Asia, Europe and America. Their website enables online purchase and delivery options, and a map facility helps customers find a dealership handy to their location so purchasers can deal with someone local, if they prefer this. There is a strong emphasis on customer service, so that purchasers are happy with their purchase, and will likely become repeat buyers and recommend the company to others. Solas Propellers also look at their dealers as customers, knowing that resellers need to believe in the company’s goals to actively promote and sell Solas products.

For all who experience and enjoy life at sea, whether for a living or the weekend hobbyist, propulsion is all important. Knowledge of fluid dynamics and propulsion design is vital, and Solas Propellers expertise in these areas remains unchallenged.  Deep Blue Yacht Supply offers the lowest prices on all models of SOLAS boat propellers.