Manufacturer Spotlight - SOLAS Propellers

Every boater knows that there is one part that he simply cannot do without and that is the prop. Without one of these on the end of your shaft, you are up the proverbial creek with nothing except a paddle (hopefully you have one on board). Given the increasing number of obstructions that haunt the waterways of the world, you want to have the most durable and trouble-free prop on the market---and that is one of the SOLAS line of boat propellers.

SOLAS boat props are built from a specially formulated alloy that features higher content percentages of the really tough stuff like chromium, nickel, and molybdenum so that you get a stainless steel prop that is really, well, stainless and not just stain resistant. All that extra alloy content means that they are sturdier as well. You hit an obstruction with a SOLAS prop and you end up feeling sorry for the obstruction, not your prop.

SOLAS Boat Props

Even their lighter weight aluminum and plastic propellers for smaller craft are built with ruggedness in mind. But durability is only half of the SOLAS advantage. These are also ranked among the world's most high performance options for propellers. Superior prop design means higher performance as well as a considerable increase in noise reduction to match.

All of these advantages are buoyed by the worldwide network of SOLAS dealers and the extensive selection of off-the-shelf prop designs that are in stock and ready to go. Once you have found the perfect SOLAS prop for your boat, you will know exactly which part number to order in the future or, if you desire to experiment a bit, you can order a slightly different prop based upon their easy-to-understand and totally rational stock ordering system. In cases where you are in need of a new prop in some backwater region, this advantage is greatly appreciated. You know you can order the right prop and that it is going to fit once it arrives. There is nothing worse than waiting for a prop that is the wrong one.

With SOLAS, you will never have to worry about trying to adapt and make do with the wrong part. You get the right part and a noticeable jump in performance right out of the box.

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