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In 1985, Dr. Solas Y. J. Lin set out to create a company that could make world-class components for boats and personal water crafts with a focus on propellers and impellers. A talented design team was recruited and the manufacturing plant was built to the strictest standards. After almost thirty years, SOLAS propellers have exceeded all expectations and the name is now among the most recognized brands in the industry. The headquarters in Taiwan serves as the heart of the operations which handles research and development, personnel training, material sourcing, and advanced manufacturing. The location enables it to function in a very cost-effective manner while still adhering to the relentless pursuit of quality that has made the brand famous the world over.

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Stainless Steel Propellers

SOLAS produces precision cut stainless steel propellers. They have all gone through a rigorous process of design and testing to perfect every single element before they go into mass production. Designers use the latest CAD technologies to leave no room for error while field testers subject the prototypes to a sequence of assessments to iron out any flaw. Customers can be confident that their exact specifications will always be met down to the smallest detail.

The company doesn't cut corners when it comes to materials. SOLAS prides itself with using high grade metal for its range of products. The stainless steel propellers, for instance, contain the largest percentage of molybdenum, nickel and chromium in the whole industry - yet another proof of the commitment to excellence. This purposeful blend of metals makes the propellers in this series incredibly resistant to rust despite constant exposure to saltwater and allows the blades to run in a more stable manner. The durability of these propellers is second to none.

The stainless steel propellers are made through an investment casting process. This tried and tested method has several benefits including an impressive degree of accuracy, ease of repeatability, versatility, and component integrity when dealing with various metals and alloys. While it is more expensive than die casting, it allows the company to generate complex shapes that would otherwise be impossible and thus lets creativity to flourish.

There is a constant push to improve manufacturing processes for SOLAS propellers whether it's with increasing the yield, using better automated equipment, boosting the efficiency of space utilization, or ensuring that inventories are never stale. As such, customers will be able to expect adherence to manufacturing deadlines, product delivery commitments, and quality standards. Examples of the stainless steel propellers include the Titan, the Lexor, the Saturn, the Scorpion, and the Rubex L3, L4, NS3, and HR4.

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Aluminum Propellers

SOLAS aluminum propellers, on the other hand, are produced using the advanced squeeze casting process. To understand why this is important, it is best to describe the difference between it and the most commonly used method. Die casting is usually accomplished by pressing two dies before the hot metal is poured in. In contrast, squeeze casting involves having molten metal poured into the bottom die before the upper die squeezes things down. Only after the metal has cooled and taken the desired shape will the upper die be lifted. The advantages of this method include greater strength, less metallic shrinking, and better grain compared to traditional die cast.

To the naked eye, there is no discernable difference between squeeze cast and die cast propellers. However, using a powerful microscope and setting it to 400x magnification will clearly show that the former has finer grains that are nearly impenetrable while the latter has larger grains and glaring holes. The solid microstructure of SOLAS aluminum propellers is one of the reasons why they are among the toughest and most durable products in this class.

As an additional precaution against corrosion, SOLAS propellers are treated with up to 4 layers of performance paint through a sophisticated process that ensures even coating and 100% surface area coverage. Quality control sees these propellers being subjected to more than 500 hours of abuse by a salt water spray tank, an equivalent to over half a year of regular exposure to salt water in normal conditions. 

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Boating enthusiasts know that the quality of your propellers has a strong relationship with your vessel's performance on the water. SOLAS propellers are therefore the choice of the most experienced captains for their outstanding science, unmatched durability, and unparalleled efforts to put the needs of the consumer first. Here is a closer look at what makes SOLAS propellers so special:

1. Superior Research and Design

SOLAS propellers are better than other brands in part due to an R&D program that far surpasses what others are doing. Every member of the SOLAS research team has a passion for improving upon existing technologies and is always willing to innovate instead of blindly accepting the status quo as the best possible solution. The company also has strategic partnerships with the leading research institutions that help produce regular technological advancements.

These employees also have the benefit of working with the latest technology. Quantitative data analysis, propeller analysis, and realistic field testing equipment give SOLAS CAE, CAM, and CAD capabilities that can fit every consumer need!

2. Superior Quality Controls

Study after study has confirmed that SOLAS propellers resist corrosion and rust considerably more effectively than those of their rivals, and they also fare better in collisions. Neither trait is an accident, as SOLAS invests in cutting-edge gear such as salt spray testing machines, hardness testers, dynamic balance machines, composition testers, and CMM systems to ensure that every set of propellers they produce is up to the rigors of the water.

The company also conducts vigorous inspections at every stage of development, from initial material acquisition to a complete inspection of every finished product. In fact, every single employee is trained in the importance of quality controls to ensure that substandard products never leave the factory.

3. Superior Manufacturing Processes

R&D and quality controls are great, but mean nothing unless they are completely integrated into the manufacturing process. SOLAS uses Advanced New Production Systems (ANPS) to bring everything together in a seamless manner. A commitment to the efficient use of space allows SOLAS to produce more SOLAS propellers in less time, enabling the company to cut down on waste and offer their customers a more affordable price point.

A potent combination of theoretical calculations, prototype designs, pilot production, and field tests go into every set of SOLAS propellers to ensure that they stand out from the competition. For example, the company's stainless steel propellers have the most nickel, molybdenum, and chromium in the industry, increasing their rust resistance and stability on the water. Likewise, their aluminum propellers have four separate coats of paint to reduce the risk of corrosion. They are also manufactured with a squeeze cast process that produces a finer grain than possible with traditional die casting, increasing the final product's durability.

4. Superior Customer Service

All of these innovations combine to make SOLAS propellers the very best option for any seafaring vessel. They are available in over 1,000 shapes and sizes, and the most popular boating brands (Yamaha, MerCruiser, Volvo Penta, Honda, etc.) are all supported. Best of all, the company's website ( offers a convenient part finder that makes it easy to find something compatible with any boat.

With all of these advantages, it is easy to see why SOLAS propellers are the leading brand in the industry.  Contact the experts at Deep Blue Yacht Supply to purchase the perfect SOLAS propeller for your marine engine.

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