SOLAS boat props and Deep Blue


Founded in 1986 by Dr. Solas Y.J. Lin, Solas is one of the most trusted brands in the propeller/ stern drive and impeller manufacturing industry. Though famous for their stainless steel and aluminum propellers, the company's product lineup also features impellers, jet pumps, intake grates and a multitude of minor accessories. The company has dealerships in all corners of the globe from Canada, united states, central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa to Oceania.

An outstanding R&D team

SOLAS has assembled an outstanding research and development team that oversees both short-term and long-term development projects. The team frequently conducts industrial research to ensure their propellers meet and exceed consumer's expectations. The team combines quantitative data analysis and a host of field testing technologies to design the best watercraft propellers. On top of that, SOLAS carries out quality control inspections on all its props and impellers to improve both design and production processing.

SOLAS propellers for boats

Propeller info

SOLAS manufactures propellers of different shapes and sizes to match your engine needs and hull configurations. You can choose between aluminum and stainless steel, 3-blade and 4-blade products as well as right-hand and left-hand rotation. Plastic propellers are also available for small outboards. Despite the vast array of options, the technicians at SOLAS are committed to assisting all potential customers choose the best propellers for their watercraft.

Why choose SOLAS

Durability studies conducted by numerous media authorities show the superiority of SOLAS propellers compared to competitor's offerings. For one, SOLAS boat props have shown to have better resistance to rust and corrosion than all other props in their class. Furthermore, all of the company's props are subjected to rigorous inspection and testing procedures namely hardness tester, dynamic balance and composition tester to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Deep Blue Yacht Supply and SOLAS have partnered to bring the best propellers to boaters across the globe.  Reach out to the boating experts at Deep Blue Yacht Supply, to get the perfect SOLAS boat prop for your application.