Square Head Tiller Arms

Buck Algonquin Square Head Tiller Arms available at Deep Blue Yacht Supply. All Square Head Tiller Arms are made in the U.S.A, are are backed by Buck Algonquin's limited warranty. The Square Head Tiller Arms are complete w/ two pinch bolts & nuts - Sold each

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Product(s)Shaft SizeOverall LengthMax. C to CPrice 
10TA12X71S Tiller Arms10TA12X71S tiller arm1 inch10-1/2 inch6 | 8 inch
10TA12X91S Tiller ArmsPicture of 10TA12X91S  Tiller Arms1-1/4 inch13-1/4 inch9-1/4 inch
10TA16X91S Tiller ArmsPicture of 10TA16X91S  Tiller Arms1-5/8 inch14-3/4 inch11-1/4 inch