Different types of boat propellers

Every boat needs good propellers. It does not matter if you have a small boat or a large one. A propeller is an important component of your boat and this is why you should go for the one that is just right for you. Below are some things you should consider before you choosing your boat props. The primary function of the propeller is to move your boat through the water. For this reason, you have to consider the material the propeller is made from, the pitch and the diameter of the propeller you want to use. Other factors you should consider include how much rake there is and how well-ventilated the blades are. In addition, you should think about how many blades the propeller has, whether the blades are cupped or not and then you have to consider your engine type. Below is a bit of information to help you select the right propeller based on boat usage and engine type.

boat propeller

Outboard Propellers --
These propellers are used on outboard motors. In most cases, these propellers have 3-4 blades and they provide excellent performance. These boat props are made from a number of materials with stainless steel and aluminum being the most common. In choosing your outboard propellers, you have to consider the type of boat you are using as well as the pitch and the diameter. Once everything is perfectly in sync, the boat's engine will perform at maximum capacity and you will enjoy using it for many years.

Inboard Propellers --
If you have an inboard motor, this is the right propeller for you. The only thing you have to bear in mind is that the diameter of your inboard propeller should leave adequate clearance with the bottom of the hull. One general rule states that the clearance should be about 20% of the diameter of the propeller. It follows that if your propeller has a diameter of 20 inches, the clearance should be about four inches. In case this is a problem, a smaller propeller (1-2 inches smaller) can be used along with a corresponding increase in pitch. This ensures that you maintain engine efficiency.

Stern drive propellers --
If you want innovative and ultra-efficient boat props, you should go for stern drive propellers. These propellers offer a number of advantages you do not get with outboard and inboard propellers. Fist off, this one comes with controls at your fingertips. This means better efficiency and safer boating especially in shallow waters. Again, stern drives props give you better fuel efficiency and better handling in rough waters. In addition, these propellers have built-in rudder and this gives you better control especially when you are docking. The only disadvantage of stern drive propellers is the fact that often the engine must be removed to work on parts located in areas where the space is too small to access. This leads to high maintenance costs.

Ski Propellers --
Choosing ski boat propellers depend on the type of boating you intend to do and the type of engine you have. For instance, you might want a lower pitch to increase your hole shot speed. You also need this to get your skiers out of the water as quickly as possible. For best results, you should go with 4 bladed or even 5 bladed boat propellers for optimum benefits. For an outward or stern drive boat, the smart choice is stainless steel blades because they offer you greater strength and limited flex. For an inboard engine, Nibral (Nickel, Bronze and Aluminum) blades are definitely better.

Volvo Duo propellers --
These propellers were introduced in 1982 and the result was amazing. Volvo duo propellers are designed as two rotating blades that offer excellent engine power. These propellers work by giving you a situation where the engine power drives the boat forwards. Volvo duo propellers offer increased bite in the water, faster acceleration and better fuel efficiency. These propellers also give you less vibration, less noise quicker planing and increased maneuverability. The best thing about Volvo duo propellers is that they are available in different sizes and come with a variety of materials.

Final Word
When it comes to boat props, you have many great options. Choose the ones that are just right for your boat and you will enjoy sailing for many years.  Deep Blue Yacht Supply is an industry leader when it comes to providing the perfect boat props for your marine engine.  Contact the experts at Deep Blue Yacht Supply to secure the perfect boat prop for your marine engine and boat.