Volvo Duo Props

More than 30 years ago, Volvo made a huge announcement that changed the landscape of the marine industry. The company unveiled its patented Duoprop technology - considered as a revolutionary breakthrough at the time. It consisted of two identical propellers operating in series but rotating in opposite directions. Working in tandem, they can produce an incredible amount of thrust that is unmatched by any other design. What's more, Duoprops enable boats to move straight and true whether they are moving forward or going in reverse motion. The vessels will be able to maneuver more quickly as well.

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Single propeller boats have always had the problem of unintentionally veering off to one side or the other. Volvo Duoprops eliminate this nuisance and track true with the aid of the counter rotation. The opposite motions of the twin propellers get rid of the lateral forces that perennially plague single prop designs. With these forces gone, the engine's power can be focused in the forward direction.


All that focused energy allows boats to move much faster than they ever had before. They can ramp up to high speeds much quicker, too. Tests have shown that Volvo Duoprops give the ability to accelerate 30% faster than conventional blades. Meanwhile, the top speed can be pushed to around 5% more than the usual measurements.

Fuel Economy

Nowadays, fuel consumption is a big concern for everyone. It is a financial as well as an environmental consideration. Duoprops help promote fuel economy as the counter rotation reduces energy losses. Engines do not have to work as hard to maintain a certain speed. Lower revs mean lower consumption so users can save quite a bit of money in the long term.


Squeezing into a port that is crammed full of boats can be very tricky. No one wants to accidentally bump into someone and create a scene but sometimes vessels don't like to cooperate. With Duoprops, boat owners need not worry as the propellers provide much better control. Navigate a crowded bay or take sharp turns at a fast pace with confidence with these installed underneath.


With two sets of blades spinning in series, the shock pulses underwater are absorbed by a larger surface area. This allows them to handle the force with relative ease. Vibration is reduced and so are noise levels. The opposing motions also effectively remove the unwanted effects of cavitation.

The DPS Duoprops

Despite having this milestone under its belt, Volvo certainly did not rest on its laurels. The company has been constantly improving the design of their wonder propeller and the latest generation DPS Duoprop is proof of its commitment to perfection. The drive is meant to be compatible with V6 and V8 engines as well as the D3 sport diesel. This unit gets the job done at optimum performance. Use it for sport fishers, cruisers, boats, and more for a pleasurable driving experience.

Among the features of the new Volvo Duoprops is the superior hydrodynamic design which allows the blades to swish through water more smoothly for enhanced speed. They also weigh lighter than the previous generation and yet are tougher than ever. They don't need as much maintenance with just two anodes and no-fuss gimbal ring. They have an integrated speedometer pick up and larger exhaust ports for a more quiet operation.

Deep Blue Yacht Supply is one of the world's leaders when it comes to providing Volvo Penta duo props to boaters around the globe.  

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