Yamaha Outboard Engines

When you need power and reliability in your boat’s performance, the Yamaha outboard engine line is sure to have the right fit for everyone. With so many models to choose from, the options are unlimited. A Yamaha engine comes ready to tackle any boating task, big or small. From the impressive power of the V8 F350 offshore model to the light F2.5 portable model, versatility is the constant.

The Yamaha outboard engine line includes all of the following:

• V8 5.3L
• V6 4.2L Offshore
• V MAX SHO models VF250, VF225, VF200
• V6 3.3L
• In-Line Four models F150, F115
• Midrange models F90, F75, F70, F60, F50, F40, F25
• Portable models F20, F15, F9.9, F8, F6, F4, F2.5
• High Thrust models T60, T50, T25, T9.9
• Jet Drive models F150, F115, F90, F60, F40
• Two Stroke HPDI models Z200 HPDI, VZ175 HPDI, VZ150 HPDI

The Yamaha outboard engine line has the latest engineering behind every engine, and with that, their efficiency continues to impress. Add the full line of Yamaha propellers to pair with each model, and the combination results in explosive power that optimizes performance. A Yamaha engine can be matched with a genuine Yamaha propeller that has been specifically engineered to maximize its power. Doing so enhances the tope-end speed, acceleration, and fuel efficiency of the Yamaha engine of your choice without compromising quality.

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The powerhouse in the Yamaha outboard engine line is unarguably the V8 F350 5.3 Liter Big Block. It supplies the thrust and push demands of even the larger offshore boats. When it comes to competitive fishing boats, the V MAX SHO 4.2 Liter Big Bore is the name of the game. This line outperforms two strokes yet is quiet, lightweight, and fuel efficient. The In-Line Four models are very versatile, delivering power to everything from flat boats to pontoons, and they have been a best seller with reason.

Yamaha Prop Guide

The Jet Drive models take the most adventurous boating aficionados where regular outboards dare not go. They are propeller free, allowing excelling maneuverability even over shallows and sandbars. The Yamaha line of HPDIs stands for high-pressure direct injection. This line of two strokes is superior in acceleration and speed.

When torque is the primary concern, the High Trust models are the ones to consider, as they deliver two times the torque of similar two-stroke engines. For the enthusiasts needing a range of options, the Midrange models offer them seven different options. This line allows the boater to customize the desired horsepower with the right type of activity, whether cruising quietly or fishing with friends. The V6 3.3L four stroke engine combines torque, strength, and low emissions for the ultimate in offshore power.

In sum, it does not matter how you prefer your time on the water; the Yamaha outboard engine line has an engine to match every need. There are many reasons why the Yamaha engines continue to be leaders in the industry. Versatility, power and reliability combine in engineering masterpieces sure to delight every owner.