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Ship Zincs with Flat Rate Shipping!!

To make sure your boat has the proper sacrificial anodes attached to your vessel, we are offering $5.99 flat rate shipping on all Zinc Anode orders.

To Receive Flat Rate USPS Priority shipping, the order must contain zinc anodes only, and it must be shipped within the USA. Standard shipping rates apply for all other destinations.

Please note that we do not charge handling fees for our packages, so the rate shown is directly from our shipping providers.

In addition, the following sub rules apply:
If the order only contains zinc anodes
This order will be shipped USPS Priority Mail for $5.99. All other shipping options will be charged at their standard rate.
If the order contains zinc anodes, as well as other items from our storefront:
The weight of the zinc anodes will not be sent to our shipping providers, thus giving flat shipping for the zinc anodes. All other items of the order will incur the normal shipping rates from UPS. In most cases, the zinc anodes will ship separately from the rest of the order. If you want your order to ship together, you must select a different shipping option over the Flat Rate Priority Shipping.
** Note ** - Flat Rate Shipping applies to all internet and phone orders.
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