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Outboard Boat Propeller Selection Guide

Whether you are buying a new propeller for your outboard engine, simply in need of a replacement for an outboard prop you damaged, trying to address a performance issue (e.g. being under or over propped) or you simply want to gain better fuel economy, Deep Blue Yacht Supply can help you find the ultimate outboard propeller for your application.

Choosing the best outboard prop for your boat is a key factor in performance and choosing the wrong prop can lead to poor fuel efficiency and issues with engine performance including slower speed and increased wear and tear on your outboard engine.

Using the options to the left hand side of the propeller guide will allow you to select what type of propeller advice you require. In a couple short questions, we will have our outboard propeller recommendations listed out for you.

Find All propellers that fit my engine

You will need to know your engine manufacture, model or horsepower to determine which propellers will fit your boat. Once listed, you can then select the perfect outboard propeller for your application. Deep Blue Yacht Supply is a marine industry leader when it comes to providing stainless steel and aluminum propellers for Evinrude, Johnson, Force, Yamaha, Mercury, Nissan, Suzuki, Tohatsu, U.S. Marine, and Chrysler outboard engines.

Match my current propeller to what is available (OEM)

If you have the current model number of your existing propeller, the propeller guide is able to provide a list of the various propeller models that match up to your current prop.

Recommend propeller for my boat

If you know your outboard engine specifications; and the size and speed of your boat, we can make a basic recommendation of what outboard propeller size would be needed. Please note however that in most cases you will want a full outboard prop sizing done if you know nothing about the existing size of the propeller.

Get within suggested RPM range at full throttle

If you know your outboard engine specifications and your current RPM at full throttle, we can determine if you are under or over pitched. Having the right size outboard propeller that produces the recommended RPMs at full throttle will give you the best efficiency and speed.

Go from a 3 blade to 4 blade

If you want to gain great fuel efficiency, go to a four blade. If you know your size currently, we can suggest the right 4 blade for your outboard engine.

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