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Stainless Boat Shafts
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  1. Description

Aqualoy® Marine Propeller shafts undergo more quality controls than any competing brand. These prop shafts are used in a wide variety of applications such as work boats, pleasure craft, naval vessels, and pumps. The Aqualoy® process produces a rounder, straighter, stronger shaft. Aqualoy stainless shafts are available in A17, A19, and A22. All of our shafts from 3/4" - 4" diameter are precision machined in our Mazak Nexus 350M CNC turning lathe to insure all machining is within .0005".

Single Tapered Shafts
All single tapered shafts will have a propeller taper machine according to SAE J755 specifications, unless other instructions are given. In addition to the propeller taper machining, a single square keyway will be machined for the coupling end of the shaft. The dimples for the set screws can only be machined with the coupling in place. If you purchase a coupling from us, there will be a $92.00 to fit and face the coupling to the shaft and during this process, the dimples for the set screws will be completed.

Double Tapered Shafts
All double tapered shafts will have a propeller taper machine according to SAE J755 specifications, unless other instructions are given. In order for us to machine the coupling taper, we will require either a drawing of the coupling taper or the following dimensions must be specified(as there is not an SAE standard for coupling tapers and these tapers do vary); length of taper, small end diameter of taper, and length and size of threads.

Your Trusted Source for Stainless Shafting
Deep Blue Yacht Supply boasts a full service machine shop, with capabilities allowing for machining of stainless shafts up to 9” in diameter. As a testament to the master skill level of our machinists, many discerning yacht, boat, and facility owners across the globe have their stainless shafts machined at Deep Blue Yacht Supply. Current lead time for the production of new custom stainless shafts is 3-4 business days.

Custom Dimensions
Please note that our single-taper machining follows the SAE J755 specification.  In addition, our CNC engineers can provide a wide array of custom shaft dimensions.  For non-standard dimensions and double-tapered shafts, our engineers will be more than happy to review your dimensions to ensure the proper fit.

For diameters greater than 3", lengths greater than 108", or custom specifications, please feel free to contact our shaft specialists at 1-800-454-6960 or you can use our 'Shaft Inquiry Form' to request a quote.

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