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Aluminum and Stainless available

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Outboard Propellers
Deep Blue Yacht Supply carries the full line of Michigan Wheel and SOLAS Stainless Steel and Aluminum Propellers for outboard engines such as Yamaha, Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury, Honda, Nissan, Tohatsu, etc.

Need help finding the perfect boat propeller for your outboard? Use our state of the art Outboard Prop Guide to find the perfect propeller for your boat.

Michigan Wheel and Solas available

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Sterndrive Propellers
Deep Blue Yacht Supply carries the full line of Michigan Wheel and SOLAS Stainless Steel and Aluminum Propellers for Sterndrive engines such as Yamaha, Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury, Honda, Nissan, Tohatsu, etc.

Need help finding the perfect boat propeller for your Sterndrive? Use our state of the art Sterndrive Prop Guide to find the perfect propeller for your boat.

Variety of Duo-Props available

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Volvo Duo-Propellers
Deep Blue Yacht Supply has the largest inventory of Volvo Penta duo propellers; you will be sure to find the best duo props for your Volvo Penta drive. Deep Blue Yacht Supply carries the full line of Volvo Duo Props including Type A Duoprops, Volvo Penta Type B, Volvo Penta Type C, Volvo Penta Type D, Volvo Penta Type E, Volvo Penta Type G, etc. Deep Blue Yacht Supply is able to provide the ultimate sales and service experience, when it comes to providing duoprops for your application.

Ski and Wakeboard Prop available

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Wakeboard Propellers
Deep Blue Yacht Supply has the largest inventory of Ski Propellers; you will be sure to find the best props for your ski boat. Deep Blue Yacht Supply carries Michigan Wheel Ambush props, Michigan Dyna Jet Ski propellers, and Acme Propellers.

Need help finding the perfect boat propeller for your ski boat? Use our state of the art Propeller Guide to find the perfect ski propeller for your boat.

Rolla, MIchigan Wheel, many more

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Inboard Propellers
Deep Blue Yacht Supply has the largest inventory of Nibral and Bronze Inboard Propellers; you will be sure to find the best wheels for your boat. Deep Blue Yacht Supply carries Michigan Wheel Inboard Propellers, Hung Shen Propellers, and HyTorq Propellers, and are able to source Teignbridge Propellers, Rolla Props, Radice Props, CJR Propellers and Brunton Propellers.

For boat owners around the globe, Deep Blue Yacht Supply is your trusted source for all size boat propellers. We are committed to providing the best props, at the lowest prices, with superior customer service.

Deep Blue Yacht Supply has the largest inventory of Inboard Boat Props, Outboard Props, Stern Drive Props, Ski Boat Props, and Volvo Duo Props; you will be sure to find the best prop for your boat.

Deep Blue only sells new boat props, which price-wise are very comparable to used boat props; don’t settle for used boat propellers, when you can buy new boat props for around the same amount. Order your new boat propeller today and save tons.

Need help finding the perfect boat propeller for your outboard, sterndrive, or ski boat? Use our state of the art Propeller Guide to find the perfect propeller for your boat. Need assistance in selecting the best prop for your inboard engine? Submit an Inboard Propeller Sizing to our propulsion & running gear experts, and receive back the correct inboard boat propeller based on your boat’s vitals.

Trust Deep Blue Yacht Supply to help equip your boat with the best possible boat props. Deep Blue Yacht Supply is able to provide the ultimate sales and service experience, when it comes to selecting the best propellers for your application.

One thing that each and every boat needs is the optimal boat propeller. Boat props serve to move your boat through the water, however not all boat propellers are the same. In fact there are many different variables that can effect your boats performance when choosing a propeller. The primary factors to consider are the number of blades the propeller has, the diameter of the propeller and the pitch of the propeller. Other factors to keep in mind are the material the propeller is made from, whether the blades are cupped, how much rake is there to the blades and how well are the blades ventilated. One other factor that plays a role in choosing boat propellers is the type of engine your boat has. Below is a bit of information to help you choose a boat propeller based on your engine type or boat usage.

Outboard Propellers - Outboard propellers are those used on outboard engines such as Yamaha, Evinrude, Johnson, Force, Mercury, Nissan, Tohatsu, and Suzuki. Typically these boat propellers are the 3 or 4 bladed variety as these provide the best performance for the size and class of boat that uses an outboard motor. Outboard propellers can be made from a variety of materials, but aluminum and stainless steel are the most common. As with any boat propellers the proper outboard propeller is determined by a combination of diameter and pitch that will allow the boats engine to operate at the manufacturers recommended RPM's when at wide open throttle (WOT). Deep Blue Yacht Supply carries the complete line of Michigan Wheel and SOLAS outboard propellers.

Inboard Propellers - Inboard propellers are those installed on an inboard motor. Inboard propellers are typically constructed of NiBrAl or Bronze materials, with NiBrAl being the optimal material. When choosing a diameter for your inboard propeller you must be sure that it leaves adequate clearance with the bottom of the hull. A general rule of thumb for this is that the clearance should be equal to 20% of the diameter of the propeller. So a propeller with a diameter of 20 inches should have at least 4 inches clearance. If this become a problem a propeller that is 1-2 inches smaller can be used with a corresponding increase in pitch to maintain engine efficiency. Deep Blue Yacht Supply stocks the complete line of Michigan Wheel inboard propellers.

Sterndrive propellers - Stern drive engines are widely regarded as one of the great improvements in the recent history of boating. Stern drive props are able to be trimmed with controls at your fingertips. This can result in better fuel efficiency, safer shallow water boating and better handling in rough waters. Stern drives have the rudder built in providing much better control, especially when docking. The major downside of stern drives is the high cost of maintenance due to the fact the often the engine must be removed to work on parts that are in a space that is too small to access. Deep Blue Yacht Supply carries the complete line of Michigan Wheel and SOLAS boat propellers, and is able to provide props for OMC, Volvo Penta, Yamaha, and MerCruiser sterndrive engines.

Ski Propellers - When choosing ski boat propellers some of your decisions have been made for you based on the type of boating you will be doing. For example, you will often want a lower pitch to increase your hole shot speed and get the skiers up out of the water as quickly as possible. Hole shot speed and quick planing are two extremely important performance variables when selecting the best propeller for your boat. Afterrmarket ski boat propellers routinely outperform stock propellers from hole shot to top end, which is why so many ski boat owners select ACME or Ambush ski propellers. Deep Blue Yacht Supply is the marine industry leader when it comes to supplying ACME and Ambush ski props.

Volvo Duo propellers - The Volvo Duo propellers revolutionized propellers when they were introduced in 1982. These revolutionary boat propellers provide boaters with increased bite in the water, faster acceleration combined with better fuel efficiency, less vibration and noise, quicker planing and improved maneuverability. Designed as two counter rotating blades with the end result being the engines power is directed at driving the boat forward rather than sideways due to lateral forces that can act on conventional single propeller stern drives. The Volvo Duo propellers are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials depending on your engine and boating needs. Deep Blue Yacht Supply is the price and service leader when it comes to Volvo Duo Props, and stocks the complete line.

Michigan Wheel Boat Props

Boaters know the importance of boat propellers. No one wants a sub-par product, and no one wants to be stranded without the necessary gear when something inevitably goes wrong. If you are looking for a new propeller or you simply want to find a product to keep as a spare, it is important to find a product made by the right company. As such, it is always wise to go with a well-known name like Michigan Wheel for your boat propeller needs.

It is always important to look for boating products from a company that you can trust. Michigan Wheel is not new to the game of manufacturing top of the line boating goods, and it continues to innovate in the market. Unlike some companies, Michigan Wheel is not content to merely manufacture one great set of boat propellers and call it a day – instead, the company continues to find ways to stay relevant in an always changing market. Today’s boat propellers are far superior to those available in years past, and one can always count on the company to find ways to surpass even the best boat propellers on today’s market.

Michigan Wheel has long been one of the standard names in inboard boat propellers, creating several models of propellers for both commercial and consumer boats for over one hundred years. The boat propellers themselves are divided into several different classes, each perfect for use in different waterborne craft. Whether you need an inboard propeller for your sailboat or for a towboat, Michigan Wheel has the model to suit your needs. Each of these devices are made to the company’s exacting standards, made of quality materials and with the ability to withstand the rigors of repeated use. Michigan Wheel stands by each of these products, and the company’s global recognition speaks for their quality.

In addition to the inboard models, Michigan Wheel also has a number of outboard boat propellers. Like their inboard cousins, these models are made to the company’s exacting standards. These products are accurate and consistent, perfect for use as both spare boat propellers and as replacements for existing models. Michigan Wheel’s products can be used in many different circumstances, and there are boat propellers available for the budget of almost any boater. Whether you need a simple back-up or your are looking for something at the top of the line, there is a product available to suit your needs.

Whether you are looking for an inboard or outboard model, Michigan Wheel has the boat propellers that you need. They are constantly innovating in the market, and their long-time work in the industry can assure you that any product that you choose to purchase will be of high quality. If you need a replacement or merely wish to upgrade to something that is a bit better than what you have had in the past, you may want to take a look at one of the company’s many products. At the end of the day, choosing one of Michigan Wheels fine propellers is a great way to know that you will get to where you are going.

Boat Props

Michigan Wheel is one of those companies that don’t give up on innovation. Even after having been in the market for over 100 years, the company has not ceased manufacturing boat props with the highest quality standards. It has made its mark in the propeller industry and continues to grow. Records show that this company is capable of creating boat propellers that can far exceed even the best propellers in the market in terms of quality. This is one company that is relentless in its pursuit of quality of products. Their goal is to produce the finest boat propellers while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Inboard Propellers

Michigan Wheels manufactures a host of high-quality inboard propellers for commercial and pleasure boats. In fact, these props have been the standard in the industry for over 100 years, with their design evolving with the change in needs. The flexibility in manufacturing procedures of Michigan Wheel enables them to offer variants of these propellers suited to most applications, whether it is for a towboat or a sailboat. The products are manufactured to withstand repeated use and still maintain a high degree of usability. They truly are a highly competitive offering in the market.

Outboard Propellers

Not all waterborne crafts use inboard propellers. There are some that are designed specifically for outboard propellers. Michigan Wheel has a lineup of these as well. As you might expect, these products are manufactured to exact detail and specifications with high-quality materials and precision. They are accurate and consistent in performance and make the perfect replacement for your existing or a backup propeller. Michigan Wheel’s lineup has something for every budget. If you’re looking for a simple or complex, highly durable product, you can find it here.

Michigan Wheel’s experience of over 100 years in the marine propulsion industry has propelled them to great heights. They are the world leaders in custom crafted boat props in all varieties, styles and types. You will find inboard as well as fixed pitch propellers suited for all markets including pleasure and commercial. Whether it is aluminum or a stainless steel propeller, you will find the perfect fit for your needs. Michigan Wheel’s philosophy is the secret ingredient to its flagrant success in the propeller industry. Their standard of applying both hand and machine operations has set them as the industry benchmark for excellence. This excellence can only mean that you can, as always, count on this company for the best boat props in the market. After all, wouldn’t you like to buy your next propeller from the place where breakthrough innovation begins?

Prop Guide

A propeller for your boat’s motor is one of the most important items you will purchase when refurbishing or upgrading your watercraft.  To the consternation of many novice boating enthusiasts, however, there is an incredible multiplicity of propellers on the market today.  How can you be sure that you are not only purchasing a propeller that will fit your motor, but also one that will help the motor perform to its optimum ability? Simple – use a prop guide, also known as a propeller selection tool.

A propeller guide will answer the basic question regarding what size prop you need to purchase, but will also guide you to choose the propeller that best suits the needs you are trying to address, whether those needs include an increased top speed or less cavitation and vibration during your motor’s operation.

Some boaters are reluctant to use a helpful online propeller selection guide because the web forms involved generally ask them for a great deal of information – everything from the size and loading capacity of the boat to the type of material the hull is made of and the kind of fuel the motor consumes.  Only by requesting information on this level of detail, however, can the tool function as desired, narrowing down the nearly limitless range of choices to just those few propellers that are really right for you.

A propeller represents a considerable investment of funds, so be sure to shop for your next one by using a prop guide that will get you the results you need and deserve.



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