Cutlass Bearings

Johnson Duramax cutless bearings adapt equally well to strut and sterntube mounts, and are often used efficiently as rudder stock and pintle bushings. Johnson Duramax standard brass cutlass bearings have diameters that are precision fitted to the designated shaft size with the correct clearance for efficient water lubrication. 

External brass shells are machined and polished to provide easy fitting. Johnson Duramax cutless propeller shaft bearings use a specially formulated oil and chemical resistant nitrile rubber is securely bonded to the shell. We are one of the largest distributors of Johnson Duramax cutless marine brass bearings in the world, and can offer the best pricing all on models. 

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Product(s)Shaft SizeOutside DiameterLengthPrice 
ABLE BearingPicture of ABLE Bearing3/4 inch1-1/4 inch3 inch
ACID BearingPicture of ACID Bearing7/8 inch1-1/4 inch3-1/2 inch
APEX BearingPicture of APEX Bearing7/8 inch1-3/8 inch3-1/2 inch
ATOM BearingPicture of ATOM Bearing7/8 inch1-1/2 inch3-1/2 inch
BACK BearingPicture of BACK Bearing1 inch1-1/4 inch4 inch
BADE BearingPicture of BADE Bearing1 inch1-1/4 inch6 inch
BAIT BearingPicture of BAIT Bearing1 inch1-3/8 inch4 inch
BALE BearingBALE Bearing1 inch1-1/2 inch4 inch
BAND BearingPicture of BAND Bearing1 inch1-5/8 inch4 inch
BASE BearingPicture of BASE Bearing1 inch2 inch4 inch
BEAM BearingPicture of BEAM Bearing1-1/8 inch1-1/2 inch4-1/2 inch
BELT BearingBELT Bearing1-1/8 inch1-5/8 inch4-1/2 inch
BEND BearingBEND Bearing1-1/8 inch1-3/4 inch4-1/2 inch
BILL BearingPicture of BILL Bearing1-1/8 inch2 inch4-1/2 inch
BIND BearingBIND Bearing1-1/4 inch1-1/2 inch5 inch
BIRD BearingPicture of BIRD Bearing1-1/4 inch1-3/4 inch5 inch
BITE BearingPicture of BITE Bearing1-1/4 inch2 inch5 inch
BLOW BearingPicture of BLOW Bearing1-1/4 inch2-1/8 inch5 inch
BOAT BearingBOAT Bearing1-3/8 inch1-7/8 inch5-1/2 inch
BOLD BearingPicture of BOLD Bearing1-3/8 inch2 inch5-1/2 inch
BOND BearingBOND Bearing1-3/8 inch2-1/8 inch5-1/2 inch

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