Find Your Propeller for Your Boat

What type of engine do you have?

How to Use Our Propeller Guide

Finding the correct propeller is as easy as 4 steps.  You will just have to denote your engine type, manufacturer, model or horsepower, and the engine year.  

Step 1: Select the Type of Engine.

Step 2: Select the Manufacturer of your Engine.

Step 3: Enter the horsepower of your engine and click the Find button. This will return all available engines for that HP.  Select your engine.

Step 4: Select the year of your engine.


Alternatively, if you have the existing part # that is stamped on your prop, you can find all matching props here.

Boat Prop Guide

Find All propellers that fit your engine

You will need to know your engine manufacturer, model or horsepower to determine which propellers will fit your boat. Once listed, you can then determine the size you are looking for. Once you provide the specifications on your engine, we will display all of the propellers that fit your engine. You will then be able to filter based on diameter, pitch, material, # of blades, etc. 

Match my current propeller to what is available (OEM)

If you have the current model number of your existing propeller, the prop guide will display all available propeller matches that we carry.