Brass cutless bearings

Largest inventory, lowest prices on all Johnson Duramax marine brass cutlass bearings.  We can ship all naval brass cutless bearings across the globe. Order your Johnson Duramax cutless bearings today and save big!

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Product(s)Shaft SizeOutside DiameterLengthPrice 
BOOT BearingBOOT Bearing1-3/8 inch2-3/8 inch5-1/2 inch
BOSS BearingBOSS Bearing1-1/2 inch2 inch6 inch
BRAD BearingBRAD Bearing1-1/2 inch2-3/8 inch6 inch
BREW BearingBREW Bearing1-5/8 inch2-1/8 inch6-1/2 inch
BRIM BearingBRIM Bearing1-5/8 inch2-5/8 inch6-1/2 inch
BROW BearingBROW Bearing1-3/4 inch2-3/8 inch7 inch
BUCK BearingBUCK Bearing1-3/4 inch2-5/8 inch7 inch
BULB BearingBULB Bearing1-7/8 inch2-5/8 inch7-1/2 inch
BULL BearingBULL Bearing1-7/8 inch2-15/16 inch7-1/2 inch
CALL BearingCALL Bearing2 inch2-5/8 inch8 inch
CALM BearingCALM Bearing2 inch3 inch8 inch
CAME BearingCAME Bearing2-1/8 inch2-15/16 inch8-1/2 inch
CAMP BearingCAMP Bearing2 inch2-3/4 inch8 inch
CAPE BearingCAPE Bearing2-1/8 inch3-1/8 inch8-1/2 inch
CARD BearingCARD Bearing2-1/4 inch3 inch9 inch
CARE BearingCARE Bearing2-1/4 inch2-15/16 inch9 inch
CART BearingCART Bearing2-1/4 inch3-1/8 inch9 inch
CASE BearingCASE Bearing2-1/4 inch3-3/8 inch9 inch
COOK BearingCOOK Bearing2-3/8 inch3-3/8 inch9-1/2 inch
CORD BearingCORD Bearing2-1/2 inch3-1/8 inch10 inch
CORK BearingCORK Bearing2-1/2 inch3-1/4 inch10 inch

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