Brass cutless bearings

Largest inventory, lowest prices on all Johnson Duramax marine brass cutlass bearings.  We can ship all naval brass cutless bearings across the globe. Order your Johnson Duramax cutless bearings today and save big!

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Product(s)Shaft SizeOutside DiameterLengthPrice 
871204100 Bearing871204100 Bearing120 mm155 mm480 mm
871304100 Bearing871304100 Bearing130 mm170 mm520 mm
871404100 Bearing871404100 Bearing140 mm180 mm560 mm
870804133 Bearing870804133 Bearing80 mm4 inch12 inch
870854134 Bearing870854134 Bearing85 mm4-1/2 inch13-1/2 inch
870904139 Bearing870904139 Bearing90 mm4-1/2 inch14 inch
870954140 Bearing870954140 Bearing95 mm123 mm320 mm
870604143 Bearing870604143 Bearing60 mm3 inch9 inch
AMB090C BearingAMB090C Bearing90 mm115 mm360 mm

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