Brass cutless bearings

Largest inventory, lowest prices on all Johnson Duramax marine brass cutlass bearings.  We can ship all naval brass cutless bearings across the globe. Order your Johnson Duramax cutless bearings today and save big!

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Product(s)Shaft SizeOutside DiameterLengthPrice 
EASE BearingEASE Bearing4 inch5-1/4 inch16 inch
ECHO BearingECHO Bearing4-1/8 inch5-1/4 inch16-1/2 inch
EDGE BearingEDGE Bearing4-1/2 inch5-3/4 inch18 inch
EDIT BearingEDIT Bearing4-1/4 inch5-1/2 inch17 inch
ELSE BearingELSE Bearing4-3/8 inch5-3/4 inch17-1/2 inch
EPIC BearingEPIC Bearing4-1/2 inch5-1/2 inch18 inch
EVEN BearingEVEN Bearing4-5/8 inch6-1/8 inch18-1/2 inch
EVER BearingEVER Bearing4-3/4 inch6-1/8 inch19 inch
EVIL BearingEVIL Bearing4-7/8 inch6-1/8 inch19-1/2 inch
FACE BearingFACE Bearing5 inch6-1/8 inch20 inch
FACT BearingFACT Bearing5 inch6-1/2 inch20 inch
FADE BearingFADE Bearing5-1/4 inch6-3/4 inch21 inch
FARE BearingFARE Bearing5-1/4 inch7 inch21 inch
FEAR BearingFEAR Bearing5-3/8 inch6-3/4 inch21-1/2 inch
FELT BearingFELT Bearing5-3/8 inch7 inch21-1/2 inch
FIND BearingFIND Bearing5-1/2 inch7 inch22 inch
FLAT BearingFLAT Bearing5-5/8 inch7 inch22-1/2 inch
FORK BearingFORK Bearing5-3/4 inch7 inch23 inch
FUEL BearingFUEL Bearing5-7/8 inch7-1/2 inch24 inch
GALE BearingGALE Bearing6 inch7-1/2 inch24 inch
870254100 Bearing870254100 Bearing25 mm40 mm100 mm

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