Brass cutless bearings

Largest inventory, lowest prices on all Johnson Duramax marine brass cutlass bearings.  We can ship all naval brass cutless bearings across the globe. Order your Johnson Duramax cutless bearings today and save big!

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Product(s)Shaft SizeOutside DiameterLengthPrice 
ABLE 3/4" x 1-1/4" x 3" BearingABLE Bearing3/4 inch1-1/4 inch3 inch
ACID BearingACID Bearing7/8 inch1-1/4 inch3-1/2 inch
APEX BearingAPEX Bearing7/8 inch1-3/8 inch3-1/2 inch
ATOM BearingATOM Bearing7/8 inch1-1/2 inch3-1/2 inch
BACK BearingBACK Bearing1 inch1-1/4 inch4 inch
BADE BearingBADE Bearing1 inch1-1/4 inch6 inch
BAIT BearingBAIT Bearing1 inch1-3/8 inch4 inch
BALE BearingBALE Bearing1 inch1-1/2 inch4 inch
BAND BearingBAND Bearing1 inch1-5/8 inch4 inch
BASE BearingBASE Bearing1 inch2 inch4 inch
BEAM BearingBEAM Bearing1-1/8 inch1-1/2 inch4-1/2 inch
BELT BearingBELT Bearing1-1/8 inch1-5/8 inch4-1/2 inch
BEND BearingBEND Bearing1-1/8 inch1-3/4 inch4-1/2 inch
BILL BearingBILL Bearing1-1/8 inch2 inch4-1/2 inch
BIND BearingBIND Bearing1-1/4 inch1-1/2 inch5 inch
BIRD BearingBIRD Bearing1-1/4 inch1-3/4 inch5 inch
BITE BearingBITE Bearing1-1/4 inch2 inch5 inch
BLOW BearingBLOW Bearing1-1/4 inch2-1/8 inch5 inch
BOAT BearingBOAT Bearing1-3/8 inch1-7/8 inch5-1/2 inch
BOLD BearingBOLD Bearing1-3/8 inch2 inch5-1/2 inch
BOND BearingBOND Bearing1-3/8 inch2-1/8 inch5-1/2 inch

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