ACME Propellers are the standard for Ski/Wake boat props

Acme propellers are known for their precision and high quality, as the manufacturing is handled by highly qualified professionals, innovative computer technology, and the latest machinery. The company, Acme Marine has consistently delivered the best propellers for almost any application, and users have discovered the true potential of their boats after fitting these propellers.

What makes Acme Propellers Unique?

Acme propellers do not require any kind of tuning or adjustments, before you fit them on to the boat. The reason behind this is their highly precise machining process. The milling is done by CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines that ensure the highest degree of accuracy. In comparison the finishing of other propellers is done by hand, which cannot achieve the precision of a computer-controlled machine, and hence they have to be fine-tuned before installation.

ACME Props

Secondly, the complete manufacturing process of Acme propellers, right from designing to final roll out of the product is optimized with the latest engineering techniques. Highly qualified engineers who are experts in marine propulsion, size and create the optimal design required for the specific application. The best grades of metals according to military specifications are used to manufacture the props, to ensure the highest quality. Acme Marine has perfected their casting process with over 70 years of experience. This precision casting combined with the CNC milling, eliminates the need of hammering, grinding, or welding the metal. The result is a highly accurate surface finish that cannot be achieved with tradition methods.

The entire manufacturing process is done under strict process controls, and each stage is handled by highly qualified personnel. To maintain the integrity of the process and quality of materials, the company does not outsource any work, and the whole process is handled within the US.

There is a wide range of Acme propellers available in different sizes. Each propeller is clearly marked with the specifications and size details. The first number you find in a clockwise direction is a four digit Part Number, and next to it is the dimensions, according to Diameter x Pitch. Next to this, you will find R or L letter signifying the right or left direction of rotation, and the last reading is the shaft diameter.

Acme propellers are highly precise and of the best quality, which will bring out the full potential of a boat or application. If these propellers are damaged due to any reason, it is imperative to find a repair facility that has sophisticated scanning equipment or the right pitch blocks, to ensure the propeller is restored to its original design and shape.

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