All about SOLAS Stainless Steel Props

In order to know which propeller is needed to best be used for your boat, you just have a good knowledge of the specifics of what different types of Solas stainless props can do. The difference between numbers of blades, the size of the diameter, the speed of the rotation, and the force generated all combine to create a performance that will be best for certain types of vessels. These props can all support several sizes of offshore boats.  Deep Blue Yacht Supply is the Industry Leader when it comes to supply SOLAS Stainless Steel boat props.  You will find the lowest prices, and largest inventory of SOLAS SS props at Deep Blue Yacht Supply.


If you have no specific needs in mind or have a boat with no problems, the Rubex line is likely the best fit for your cruiser. The Rubex L3 boasts three separate blades, the L4 has four. Both types of Rubex props can be interchanged with the Flo-Torq and Vortex Systems, making it possible to swap out parts as needed for repair or upgrades. Their make is high quality stainless steel, with Solas' high performance materials and a rubber rub. While the Rubex are quite good for big boats that cruise on mid-range speed, they provide quality mileage for most size boats. The Rubex NS3 has a bigger ear design on the blades, making it better for boats that have a heavier load and more payload to push. The HR4 is better for higher-performance boats, featuring a rake blade with a cup design rather than a straight curve. A Lexor prop is smaller but still powerful.


The HR Titan 4 propeller delivers very good mileage and speed during mid-speed cruising. The blades offer a stern lift and better acceleration to reduce the time spent consuming fuel to get to cruising speed. With good thrust performance, this prop maintains mid-range speed over long distances with better gas economy than many other models. A Scorpion prop is one of the most powerful in all of Solas' inventories, featuring higher performance power for boats that cruise at higher speeds. Extra cupping in the Scorpion gives a bite when at a high mount position, while the drag is reduced by a blade designed for minimal intrusion. The New Saturn propeller has a smaller pitch size within the larger diameter, so that the overall blade area increases and gives better force during acceleration and cruising. These Solas stainless props all are quality propellers for any commercial or private boat looking to upgrade its cruising capacity.

SOLAS stainless steel prop