Guide To Buying SOLAS Boat Props

Recent advancements in outboard propeller technology has forced many people to upgrade their propellers to enjoy the benefits of new technologies. Propeller manufacturers all over the world are burning the midnight oil to create propeller and blade systems that are not only affordable, but also more efficient. SOLAS is one of the manufacturers that are ahead of the pack. SOLAS has a wide range of new propellers for both 3-blade and 4-blade outboard engines. If your motor is a 4-stroke engine, these are the options you will require to meet the horsepower needs of your boat.  Deep Blue Yacht Supply has the largest inventory of SOLAS boat props, at the best prices.

Benefits of SOLAS Boat Props

SOLAS is a popular brand that is trusted by boat owners all over the world. The company combines research and good design to deliver cost effective technology solutions to create technologically-advance propellers. SOLAS propellers are made from aluminum and can easily outperform traditional stainless steel propellers in terms of quality, thinness and corrosion resistance. 4-stroke propellers from the manufacturer are designed specifically for different hull applications. SOLAS has propellers with larger rake angles for maximum power transmissions.

SOLAS boat props

Getting Value for Money When Buying a Propeller

There are two main factors to be considered when buying propellers. The first is your individual needs; a propeller should meet your propulsion needs effectively. The ideal propeller should also allow the engine to run at a specified RPM. What do you value most? Speed or load carrying capacity? Whatever your preference, SOLAS propellers will give you everything you need from a propeller. When searching for the perfect propeller for your engine, the following are the key factors of consideration:

a) 3 or 4-Blade Propeller? The most common blade system for propellers is the 3-blade propeller. They come in a variety of sizes and widths. They are also much more affordable than 4-blade systems. These propellers are characterized by their ability to rotate anticlockwise. When it comes to 4-blade systems, you should know that these propellers have additional advantages. They are heavy workers in that they provide additional acceleration capability to the hull. Fishing boats with 4-blade systems are much more fuel efficient than those with 3-blade systems. That's why these blades cost more than 3-blade propellers.

b) Propeller Size: Propellers are usually defined by their diameter and pitch. For instance, a SOLAS propeller that's rated as 15 by 17 by 3 has a pitch of 17-inches. Pitch is the theoretical distance involved in the boat movement after one revolution. Pitch affects the acceleration and speed of the boat. SOLAS has the widest range of high-pitch propellers for different boat sizes. It is important you match the pitch value of a propeller to the RPM. A large boat requires a low pitch propeller than a small boat and vice versa. Please note that the design of the propeller also affects performance. For instance, two propellers from different manufacturers with the same pitch will produce varying results. To get the best performance, choose SOLAS propellers.


The performance of a boat is dictated mainly by the quality of propeller installed. SOLAS leverages the best technology and designs to deliver the most advanced propellers to match different blade systems. You can be assured of getting the most versatile and cost effective propellers for your boat from SOLAS.  Deep Blue Yacht Supply is the leader in the marine industry when it comes to providing all of the best SOLAS boat props, at the best prices.